Medical Travel to Turkey – ooH, Outdoor Proposal Berlin

Berlin as the biggest city in Germany with a huge multicultural population offers many media opportunities to reach the desired target group for an appropriate budget.

A client can choose between print (newspapers, special interest magazines), out of home media (blow ups, megalights, big banner, megaboards, billboards, citylight posters, digital posters, 4/1 posters on columns, fully wrapped columns, digital posters (in shopping malls), traffic posters, fully wrapped buses and trams, window stickers…), online media (advertorials, banners, google ads, facebook ads) and finally, sales promotions (with promotion teams in stations, on markets, close to super markets and streets)… A lot of options, for different budgets…

But 1st: Choose your right target audience!

Berlin is a very multicultural city. A significant part of Berlins population are turkish citizens. „Medical Travel to Turkey – ooH, Outdoor Proposal Berlin“ weiterlesen